Kawasaki Z2 750 RS Super 4 - 1973 Scale Model

Part No: KAW226SPM0014
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Product Description

In Japan the maximum cubic capacity of a motorcycle is limited to 750 cm3. Curiously enough the Kawasaki Z1 900 did not go on sale due to this limit in its country of production. As a result a version with admissible cubic capacity was developed in the beginning of the seventies and already in December of 1972 the Kawasaki Z2 750 RS was presented to the Japanese dealers in the Takanawa Prince Hotel. The cylinder bore was reduced from 66 mm to 64 mm and a crank shaft with 58 instead of 66 mm strokes allowed the reach of the desired cubic capacity of nearly 750 cc. Additionally a Mikuni carburetor of 26 instead of 28 mm was used. As a result a performance of 69 BHP @ 9,000 RPM was reached. After producing 3,600 units the Z2, which was sold only in brown/orange in comparison to the Z1 900, was replaced by the Z2A after ten months of production only.

Model Features:
* 1:6 (total length 35cm)
* original metal chain
* spring loaded movable kick starter
* spring loaded movable accelerator handle
* movable clutch-and brake-levers
* movable brake pedal
* folding foot rests
* opening fuel trap
* ignition key
* real spoke wheels