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Our 2 most popular finacial options available with

Black Horse Motorcycle Finance: PCP & Tristar

1. PCP & Tristar

(Personal Contract Purchase) - Our most popular product

PCP Explained:

Flexible finance with a minimal deposit and a GFV - Guaranteed Future Value - on your motorcycle (currently from 1000 to 24000 miles per year).

Even if you don't keep your bike for the full term of the loan, this method of payment is so flexible you can change your bike at any time! You can also make additional payments over and above your monthly instalments which reduce your GFV.

The main benefits of PCP & Tristar:

  •  It facilitates you changing your motorcycle for a new one every two, three or four years
  •  Your initial deposit is reduced
  •  Your monthly payments are affordable
  • Your monthly payments are fixed as is the interest rate
  • There is a minimum guaranteed future value (GFV) on your bike - this provides peace of mind and allows you hand the bike back at the end of the agreement

2. Hire Purchase Loan

Fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments from 12 to 60 months with an affordable minimum deposit of just £99. You are not tied into keeping the bike for the duration of the loan, you are able to change it at any time providing the outstanding loan amount is cleared with Black Horse Finance. You may also pay additional lump sum payments into your loan at any time which shortens the term or reduces your monthly payments.